PJ GB Steel Flatbed

PJ GB Steel Truck Body
8’6″ Long x 84 wide
8’6” long
84” wide: Single rear wheel
Works on a 56” or a 58” CA, 8’ truck bed replacement
42” wide frame rails: See what frame width your truck has here: https://pjtrailers.com/guides/bed-fit-guide

Steel Tube Headache Rack with LED Lighting (2 Red, 2 White Oval)
Deck: 1/8” Treadplate
Frame Rails: 4” Structural Channel Steel
Crossmembers: 3” Roll formed 3/16” Channel Crossmembers
Rear Skirt: Solid One Piece with Tapered Corners
GN Hitch: 30K Hitch with welded Ball In Recessed Box
BP Hitch: 18,500 lb. Hitch with Receiver tube
Side Rails: 3/8” x 2” side rails with stake pockets
Fuel Fill Angled
12V Trailer Plug Round 7 Pin in GN Box,
Round 7 Pin/4 Way Flat on Rear
Rear Lighting: LED Oval (4 Red, 2 White)
Light Box: (Rear Skirt) Steel
Marker Lighting: Bullet DOT Approved LED
Toolbox handle T-Handle Compression